Familia secretă a lui Iisus

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The Secret Family of Jesus este un documentar incitant al anului 2006, creaţie a dr. Robert Beckford, care se dovedeşte a fi o critică destul de pertinentă şi curajoasă a unanimităţii doctrinei şi, mai ales, a dogmelor Bisericilor creştine, Romano-Catolică şi Ortodoxă, care au eliminat treptat din povestea creştină personaje primordiale ca rol şi contribuţie, cum ar fi Maria Magdalena şi rudele de sânge ale lui Iisus.

Sursa text & subtitrare: Marian Matei – antiiluzii.blogspot.com

Robert-BeckfordDr Robert Beckford

  • Job title: Reader
  • Dept: Theology & Religious Studies
  • Tel: 01227 782262
  • Campus: Canterbury

Dr. Robert Beckford explores the political theologies of the Caribbean diaspora in Britain and was a founding member of Black Theology: An International Journal.

With particular research interests in Pentecostalism, Rastafari and black music culture, Dr. Beckford interrogates the intersection(s) between religious experience, cultural expression and political action. With a concern for radical praxis, social justice and building inclusive communities Dr. Beckford researches in written and visual texts and has won awards for religious and political documentary film productions on commercial television stations including Channel 4, BBC 2, BBC4 and Discovery USA






  • Beckford, R. (2012) Documentary as Exorcism: Resisting the Bewitchment of Colonial Christianity,  London: Continuum (forthcoming).
  • Beckford, R. (2006) Jesus Dub: Culture: Faith and Social Change, London: Routledge.
  • Beckford, R. (2004) God and the Gangs: Urban ToolkitFor Those Who Won’t Be Bought Out, Sold Out or Scared Out, London: Darton Longman and Todd.
  • Beckford, R. (2003) God of the Rhatid: Redeeming Rage, London: Darton Longman and Todd.
  • Beckford, R. (2000) Dread and Pentecostal: A Political Theology for the Black Church in Britain, London: SPCK.
  • Beckford, R. (1998) Jesus is Dread: Black Theology and Black Culture in Britain, London: Darton, Longman and Todd.

Chapters in Books

  • Beckford, R. (2010) Revelation for Radicals. In Books of the Bible. London: Darton Longman and Todd.
  • Beckford, R. (2009) Black Suit Matters: Faith, Politics and Representation in the Religious Documentary. In A. Pinn (ed.) Black Theology and Aesthetics,USA: Pelgrave.
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  • Beckford R. (1997) Jesus is Dread: Black Cultures, Liberation and Mission. In L. Price (ed.) Mission Matters. Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Beckford, R. (2008) More Dread: Ten Year Anniversary of Jesus is Dread. Black Theology An International Journal. 6 (2), 3-11.
  • Beckford, R. (2002) Prophet of Dub: Dub as a Heuristic for Theological Reflection. Black Theology an International Journal. 1 (1), 67-82.  
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  • Beckford, R. (1995) Do the Massai have a point? Black Sexual Representation and Pastoral Care. Contact. 118, 22-31.

Television Documentaries

  • Beckford, R. (2010), ‘God Don’t Live Here Anymore: Barak Obama and Religion’, BBC2.
  • Beckford, R. (2010), ‘Revelation’, programme 7 The Bible: A History, Channel 4.
  • Beckford, R. (2009), ‘The Dark Ages’, programme 3 The History of Christianity, Channel 4
  • Beckford, R. (2008), ‘The Secrets of the 12 Disciples’, Channel 4.
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  • Beckford, R. (2001), ‘Blood and Fire’, BBC2.
  • Beckford, R. (1999), ‘Britain’s Slave Past’, Programme 2, Channel 4.

Radio Documentaries

  • Clash of the Sound Systems – A history of Jamaican Sounds Systems in Britain (BBC Radio 2, 2005)
  • Maroon Rebels – A History of Jamaican’s anti-colonial freedom fighters (BBC Radio 3, 2006)
  • A History of the Voice Newspaper (BBC Radio 2, 2007)
  • Where Do White People Come From?  The Roots and Routes of white people (BBC World Service 2012)

Radio Dramas

  • With Kwame Kwei-Armah, Father Son and Holy Ghost (BBC Radio 3, 2012)

Research projects: 

His current research projects include collaboration with urban artists, dramatists and filmmakers to identify black Christologies in urban Britain. 

Also, an international collaboration with Jamaican academics to examine the spirituality, politics and theology of Birmingham’s Rastafari reggae band, Steel Pulse. 

Current PhD supervision includes:

  • The spirituality of Jamaican reggae dancehall culture
  • A theology of Grime (UK hip hop)
  • Bernie Grant MP – The beginning and end of black politics in the Labour Party in Britain



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